With high precision SMD resistor - classification Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
High precision classification precision SMD resistor with high precision is mainly introduced in this paper the definition of SMD resistor, probably about 269 words in this paper, read the full article 3 minutes. 1, film SMD resistor & ndash; AR: its precision can be up to 0. 01%, low temperature coefficient to & plusmn; 5 PPM / ℃, can do very little; It can be used in precision instrument, electronic communication products, and portable electronic products; 2, low resistance thick film resistance & ndash; CS: the resistance value range from Mr ~ 1 r, low temperature coefficient & plusmn; 100 ppm ~ ± 600 PPM, belong to high purity ceramics substrate process; Can be used power module, charger and communication of information, and other products; 3, low resistance alloy resistance & ndash; LR: resistance value ranges from 0. Mr 5 ~ 20 Mr, low temperature coefficient & plusmn; 100 PPM, high power, low inductance value; Can be used in laptop computers, motherboard, cell phone, PDA power management module, and battery chargers, transformers, power supply switches, liquid crystal indicator ( A power management module) 。 Article/gjmdjmtpdz. HTML this paper label: a resistor SMD resistor: SMD resistor type and manufacturing process commonly used next article: zero ohm resistor in the circuit USES
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