What kind of thermistor can be divided into - Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-21
Thermistors can be divided into what kind of this paper mainly introduces the classification of thermistor, this article about 1060 words, read the full article 11 minutes. A, PTC thermistor PTC ( PosiTIveTemperatureCoeff1Cient) The material is BaTIO3 SrTIO3 or PbTIO3 as the main composition of sintered body, in which mixed with trace amounts of Nb, Ta, Bi, Sb, Y, La and make the control of the valence of oxides such as semiconductor, often will this BaTIO3 semiconducting material such as half guide (for short Body) Porcelain; Its temperature coefficient and the Curie point temperature on composition and sintering conditions ( Especially the cooling temperature) PTC thermistor in addition to the used as heating element, also can play & other; Switch & throughout; Effect, both sensitive element, heater and switch three functions, called & other; Thermal switch & throughout; Using the resistance heating source temperature characteristics make it, as the heating elements application has warm wind machine, electric, drying wardrobe, air conditioning, etc. , can also be overheating protection effect to the appliance. Second, the NTC thermistor NTC ( NegativeTemperatureCoeff1Cient) The material is the use of manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, zinc and other two or more metal oxide by fully mixing, molding, sintering process of semiconductor ceramic, negative temperature coefficient (can be made with NTC) Now also appeared with silicon carbide, selenide such as tin, tantalum nitride oxide of NTC thermistor materials. The precision of the thermistor thermometer can reach 0. It not only applies to the granary temperature measuring instrument, and can be applied to food storage, sanitation, scientific farming, Marine, deep well, high temperature measurement, glacier, etc. Three, CTR thermistor CTR thermistor critical temperature ( Crit1CalTemperatureResistor) | produce resistance rapidly varied temperature corresponding to the half glass semiconductor material quick location, therefore produce - semiconductor CTR can as application temperature alarm and so on. With the application of high, refined, sharp technology, the conductive mechanism and the application of thermal resistor of deeper exploration, as well as to the further research of new materials with excellent properties will be achieved rapid development. 文章/ rmdzkfwnjz。 HTML this paper label: an article on resistance thermistor: thermistor materials how to classify the next article: what are the parameters of the thermistor
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