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by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-21
What is the action of high pressure patch capacitance high-pressure patch capacitance effect is mainly introduced in this paper, this article about 1200 words, read the full article 12 minutes. 1, power supply circuit in the filtering effect: filtering is a very important part of the role of patch capacitance. Almost all of the power supply is used in the circuit. In theory, The assumption capacitance is pure capacitance) Said, the greater the capacitance, impedance is smaller, by the higher the frequency also. But in fact most of the more than 1 uf capacitance for electrolytic capacitor, there is a lot of inductance component, so after high frequency impedance increases. Sometimes see a larger capacitance electrolytic capacitor in parallel with a small capacitance, then large capacitance at low frequency, small capacitance high frequency. Lao capacitance effect is low resistance, high frequency resistance at low frequency. The more easily through the low frequency, the greater the capacitance of the high frequency easier to pass. Specific use in filtering, large capacitance, 1000uF) Filter the low frequency, small capacitance ( 20 pf) High frequency filter. Have net friend compared filter capacitance to & other; Pond & throughout; 。 Due to the inability of the ends of the capacitor voltage mutation, therefore, the higher the signal frequency, the greater the attenuation, can say very image of the capacitance is like a pool, not caused by the addition of a few drops of water or the evaporation of water. It changes the voltage changes into current, the higher the frequency, the greater the peak current, so as to buffer the voltage. Filtering is charging and discharging process. 2, the bypass capacitor energy storage device is provided for the local device energy, it can make the output of the voltage regulator homogenization, reduce the workload requirements. Like a small rechargeable battery, bypass capacitors can be charged, and discharge to the device. To minimize the impedance to bypass capacitors, try to close to the load device power supply pin and pin. It can effectively prevent the input value is too large and cause the earth potential of raises and noise. Play is ground connection at the voltage drop across the large current burr when. 3, lotus root, also called decoupled. From circuit for, always can be divided into driving source and driven load. If the load capacitance is large, driver circuit to the capacitor charging, discharge, to complete the signal jump, rising along the relatively steep, current is larger, this will absorb a lot of drive current of the power supply current, because in the circuit inductance, resistance ( Especially the inductance on the chip pins, can produce rebound) , the current relative to normal, in fact is a kind of noise, affect the normal work of the former level. This is the coupling. Decoupled capacitance is play the role of a battery, meet the changes of driving circuit current, avoid mutual coupling interference. Combine bypass capacitors and decoupled capacitance will be easier to understand. Bypass capacitors actually also to coupling, just bypass capacitors generally refers to the high frequency bypass, also is to give the switch of high frequency noise increase a low impedance leakage prevention way. High-frequency bypass capacitors tend to be small, according to the resonance frequency is usually 0. 1 u, 0。 01 u, etc. , and the decoupling capacitor is compared commonly big, uf is 10 or more, according to the distribution parameters in circuit, and the change of the drive current to determine the size. Bypass is interference of the input signal as object, filtering and decoupling is the interference of output signal as the filter object, to prevent interference signal to return to power. This should be the essential difference between them. 4, energy storage capacitor charge collected through rectifier, and will be stored energy transmitted converter leads to the output of the power supply. Voltage rating for 40 ~ 450 VDC between 220 ~ 150000 uf capacitance value, aluminum electrolytic capacitor is more commonly used. According to the requirements of the different power supply, the device is sometimes in the form of series, parallel, or their combination, for more than 10 kw power level of the power supply, usually adopt bulky cylindrical screw terminal condenser. Article/gytpdrdzys. HTML this paper label: high-pressure tiles capacitors on an article: patch capacitance naming method next article: patch capacitor circuit and leakage problems cause analysis
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