Thermistor failure where we find the reason

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Thermistor fault where, how to detect: the resistance of the multimeter to choose the right gear, two pens and the ends of the contact thermal resistance, respectively, with the hand hold thermistor heating or other means heating it, linear change appears if resistance, is proved to be good, if there is no change, that have failed. Thermistor in burn out general there are several reasons for this: 1, the thermistor instantaneous electric current too big, puncture resistance coil; 2, the resistance of the thermistor wire insulation protection wear form short circuit between coils; 3, line voltage instability, ups and downs, beyond the safety index of the thermistor transient voltages. The cause of the above three points is only a matter of general and specific conditions or to see your environment, such as the use of various factors. Induction cooker thermistor damage to do: induction cooker thermistor damage need to stop using repair replacement in time. Induction cooker thermistor loss function: induction cooker coil in the middle of the thermistor is detecting the temperature of the pan with, used to prevent POTS dry and control the temperature of the pot food. When the damage of thermistor, induction cooker will stop power output ( No heating) , and display the fault code.
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