Thermal inertia into error of temperature sensor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-10
Temperature is representing the degree of cold and hot objects physical quantities, it is a very important and common in industrial and agricultural production process of measuring parameters. Temperature measurement and control to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, energy saving, production safety, and promote the development of the national economy plays a very important role. Temperature sensor is through an object with the temperature change and change some features to indirect measurement. Because of the temperature sensor ( Such as thermocouple) Thermal inertia that instrument behind the change of the measured temperature, indicating value of this influence is particularly acute in rapid measurement. So should be used as thermal electrode is small, small thermocouple protection tube diameter. Temperature measuring environmental permits, even protecting tube can be taken. Due to measurement lags behind, with a temperature sensor to detect the temperature fluctuations of the amplitude of the furnace temperature fluctuation amplitude is small. Measure hysteresis, the greater the temperature the smaller fluctuation amplitude of the sensor, and the actual temperature difference. When using time constant temperature or temperature control of temperature sensor, the temperature of the instrument shows although volatility is very small, but the actual furnace temperature fluctuations can be quite large. In order to accurately measure temperature, should choose small thermocouple time constant. Time constant is inversely proportional to the heat transfer coefficient, and to the temperature sensor is directly proportional to the diameter, material density and specific heat, such as to reduce the time constant, in addition to the increased heat transfer coefficient, * effective way is to try to decrease the size of the hot end. Use, usually USES the material with good thermal conductivity, thin, small diameter of the tube wall to protect casing. In the precision of temperature measurement, using unprotected casing bare wire thermocouple, thermocouple easy damaged, should be timely correction and replacement. Dear customer: hello, our company is committed to the broad masses of users with high-quality products and complete solutions and the best technical services. The main products are pt100 temperature sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensors, temperature transmitter, pressure sensor and so on. You can dial the hotline number service of the company over the web for more product details, perfect service is our constant pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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