The temperature sensor in detail

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-09
Temperature sensor can sense refers to the regulation temperature is measured and converted into usable signal device according to certain rules or device, usually composed of sensitive components and conversion components. This kind of temperature sensor is made of stainless steel shell, warm moisture. Temperature sensor temperature measuring probe part of the process by the aviation plug, screw thread connection and temperature measurement of protecting tube. Using air joint form, can easily will signal lines connected to the sensor and the disassembly, product is very fit for portable instruments and meters, convenient maintenance and installation. Due to the wiring plug part and a line with complete consistency ( Factory has been strictly defined lead) , so the signal lines and any probe can be used, high interchangeability, the operability is strong. Directly plug type connection, also leave out the trouble that the user terminal, prevent a connection error. Technical parameters: platinum thermal resistance: KITOZER100, KITOZER500, KITOZER1000 temperature measuring range: ( - - - - - - 200 ~ 400) ℃ accuracy grades: grade A + ( 0. 15 + 0. 002 t | |) ℃ to B + ( 0. 30 + 0. 005 t | |) ℃ note: | t | good value for the measured temperature. Nominal pressure: can be used for the pressure under the condition of temperature measuring, such as pressure, please indicate the pressure size. Dear customer: thank you for your attention to our products, the company in addition to have the product introduction, and humidity sensors, temperature sensors, temperature transmitter, pt100, pt100 temperature sensor and so on, if you are interested in our products, welcome to inquire. Thank you very much!
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