The temperature sensor calibration standard technology and indicators

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-03
Temperature sensor is to use the material law of various physical properties vary with temperature, the temperature sensor is converted to electricity. These showed regular changes in the physical properties of the main functioning. 1, the measurement accuracy: 0. 01 level; Resolution of 0. Uv 1 and 0. 1 mΩ; 2, the parasitic potential scanning switch: 0 or less. 4μV; 3, temperature sensor temperature range: sink: ( Room temperature + 5 ~ 95) ℃ tank: 95 ~ 300) ℃ low temperature thermostat: ( - - - - - - 80 ~ 100) ℃ high temperature furnace: ( 300 ~ 1200) ℃; 4 and stability of temperature control: better than 0. 01℃/10min( Tank, water tank, low temperature constant temperature trough) ; 0. 2℃/min( Tubular calibration furnace) ; 5, the total uncertainty: thermocouple calibration, measurement uncertainty is better than 0. 7 ℃, repeatability error & lt; 0. 25℃; Heat resistance test measurement uncertainty is better than 50 mk, repeatability error & lt; 10mk; 6, the verification number: a can check thermocouple (at the same time 1 - 8) , one can check at the same time with the line heating resistance ( 1 - 7) A; 7, working power supply: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz, and have good grounding protection; 8, the high temperature furnace power: about 2 kw; 9, constant temperature trough power: about 2 kw. 10, microcomputer measurement and control system: power & lt; 500. Dear customer: hello, our company is a strong technical force of the development of high quality, for the majority of users with high-quality products and complete solutions and the best technical services company. The main products are pt100, pt100 temperature sensor, pressure sensor, etc. This enterprise uphold sincerity, with the purpose of the implementation of quality and with enterprising societe generale, with a firmer step climb the new peak unceasingly, contribute to national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured the choose and buy the desired products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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