The temperature sensor application in food industry

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-19
At present, the automation level of food production becomes more and more high, many have used mechanical and electronic integration control, in the process used to detect sensor is indispensable, commonly used have humidity sensors, proximity sensor and so on. The application of the sensors not only improve the food production, can guarantee food safety. In some of the food processing, workers in the process of Fried seasoning, need according to the different time and temperature of the mixture of raw materials, and then to stir, and in the process of making to strictly control the temperature of the frying pan, prevent the seasoning is bad. So accurately measuring temperature workshop of the frying pan and alarm when necessary seasoning will directly affect the quality. This will require a temperature sensor for temperature detection. Enterprise seasoning workshop before frying pan temperature and time control experience all by manual manipulation. Manual temperature measurement and time to grasp the accuracy is not high, fry out of seasoning are of variable quality, no a unified standard, affect the quality of the product. To solve above problems, can choose circuit of temperature sensors and instrument, in order to improve the precise temperature measurement and alarm. Food industry * widely used temperature sensor material is platinum and copper, platinum resistance is high precision, suitable for neutral and oxidizing medium, good stability, has a certain nonlinear, the higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance rate; Copper resistance within the scope of the temperature measurement, a linear relationship between resistance and temperature, temperature line number is big, is suitable for the corrosive medium, susceptible to oxidation than 150 degrees. In the food industry use the valve for cutting everywhere, monitoring and control. They are crucial components in the factory of safety, accuracy and reliability. In order to complete the task in a reliable way, sensor actuator through a common interface to transmit the current valve position control device or process control system. Usually, magnetic or inductive proximity sensor to perform this task, they * eventually stop signals, such as 'normally open' or 'normally closed' as a control switch information. Valve position the middle test, though, more and more, it allows the test valve cleaning cycle, as well as rising PC by unexpected job status of continuous valve testing, in the modern process of visualization, this is only one way to meet the increasing requirements.
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