The role of the NTC thermistor in the forehead temperature gun

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-02
Amount of temperature measuring element is thermopile temperature gun, as a kind of infrared temperature sensors, thermopile infrared thermal radiation, can be directly induced the heat is converted into electrical signals, and do not need to direct contact with the measured object can be quickly measured surface temperature, encased in thermopile NTC thermistor is used to measure the thermopile temperature, temperature and use it as a benchmark. With the prominent advantage of NTC thermistor for temperature measurement is very high sensitivity, high accuracy, good consistency and low price. And, because the size of the NTC thermistor can be done is very small, the speed of response also very fast. Thermopile composed of many series of thermocouple, the thermocouple thermoelectric potential output is superimposed with each other, thermocouple measuring temperature must want to have a reference temperature or cold end temperature. In general, thermopile reference temperature is 25 ℃. When the body temperature is measured with the forehead temperature gun, put in the standard test conditions - — The temperature of 37 ℃ object to be tested, thermopile reference temperature ( The environment temperature) 25 ℃ when the measured output voltage in infrared measuring temperature signal processing chip, with the actual measurement of thermopile output voltage and the thermopile environment temperature, after operation to get the actual temperature of the object to be tested. The temperature of the measured object and thermopile environment temperature, there are the following approximate relationship: Tb + Vout = Ts/A Tb for the temperature of the object to be tested, K) Ts for NTC thermistor measured thermopile environment temperature ( K) The output voltage (Vout for thermopile V) A is proportional coefficient of Ts in the above formula is encapsulated in the thermopile NTC thermistor measured temperature, the forehead temperature gun temperature measurement accuracy by removing the conversion error in the system of thermopile, and the reference temperature is environment temperature is closely related to the precision of thermopile, NTC thermistor measuring temperature accuracy is higher, the forehead temperature gun shows that the precision of the temperature, the higher the eventually so the precision of the NTC thermistor on the forehead temperature temperature measurement accuracy of gun plays an important role. Our company production of this kind of small size and high precision NTC thermistor, using blue film packaging, applicable to the binding process, has a large number of applied to the encapsulation of thermopile.
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