The principle of pt100 temperature sensor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-20
Principle of pt100 pt100 temperature sensor is a temperature sensor, is a stable and good linear platinum thermal resistance sensor can in - The range of 200 ℃ to 650 ℃. Resistance temperature detector ( RTD, maintain temperature detector) Is a kind of the resistance of the material, it will change with temperature rise and resistance, and if it as temperatures rise resistance is then referred to as positive resistance coefficient, if it is called negative resistance coefficient as the temperature rise of resistance decreases. Most of the resistance of the temperature probe is made by metal, and platinum ( Pt) Use, * popular industry. PT100 temperature sensor is a kind of platinum ( Pt) The resistance of the temperature probe, belongs to the resistivity, the relationship between resistance and temperature changes are as follows: R = Ro alpha ( 1(T) α= 0。 00392,Ro 100Ω( Resistance at 0 ℃) , T is the Celsius such platinum resistance temperature detector, also known as PT100. 1: visa officer = 2. 55我国×100 0。 00392 T( 1) = 0. 255 tons / 1000. 2: when measuring the visa officer, don't tell any current or measured value is no. Circuit analysis due to the more general power supply, power supply is a kind of noise, so we use a zener diode as part regulation, due to 7. 2 V zener diode, so that the 1 k resistor and 5 k variable resistor voltage and 6. 5 V, adjust the variable resistor can be decided by the transistor's collector current 5 k, we will send 2 collector current. 55 mA, as indicated by the arrows, to measure the voltage V 0. 255 tons / 1000. Subsequent in-phase amplifier input resistance is almost infinite, magnified 10 times and at the same time, the operational amplifier output 2. 55 tons / 100. 6 V zener diode effect such as 7. 2 V zener diode, we use it to bring up 2. 55 V, so the voltage following the detector output voltage V1 is 2. 55 V。 Vo = 10 - at the back of the differential amplifier output (ⅴ= 10仍然导弹 2. Tons / 100-55 2. 55) = T / 10, if now at room temperature 25 ℃, the output voltage of 2. 5(V。 Working principle: sensor access is very simple, just on the tip of 5 v power supply from the system through a 3 k92 connected to PT100 resistance. Connection is usually lead to severe nonlinear problems, however, due to the single-chip microcomputer software correction as the backing, so as to simplify the access of the sensor.
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