The performance of the liquid level meter and advantages

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-23
Mechanical structure of the liquid level meter for overload and corrosive medium with high resistance and high precision, long-term stability of the ceramic capacitor and import diffusion silicon measurement unit level of electronic modules and double filter sealing pressure compensation system can resist the influence of the climate change electronic module can output 4. 。 。 20 ma signal and at the same time, with overvoltage protection module integration of pt100 temperature sensor can simultaneously measuring the temperature and level of the corresponding accessories can provide the complete measurement solutions level gauge is widely used in oil refining industry, chemical industry, papermaking, food, and sewage treatment and other industries. To open, airtight container, or the medium level in the underground pool in the instrument control room for display, alarm and control. Tested medium for water, oil, acid, alkali, industrial sewage and other conductive and non conductive liquid, and liquid bubbles caused by false level can be overcome.
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