The installation of PT100 temperature sensor and measurement method

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-05
Pt100 temperature sensor installation and measurement method of pt100 temperature sensor if is composed of two sensors used to measure the temperature difference, the output signal with a given continuous function relationship between temperature difference. Pt100 temperature sensor output signal and a given continuous function relation between temperature ( Usually in the form of linear function) Pt100 temperature sensor, the early production of the output signal and the temperature sensor resistance ( Or voltage value) A linear function relationship between. The output signal of standardization is 0 ma ~ 10 ma ma and 4 ~ 20 ma ( Or 1 v to 5 v) The dc signal. Do not rule out other standardized output signal with special provisions. Temperature transmitter according to the power supply connection mode can be divided into two wire system and four wire system. Transmitter has electric unit combination instrument series ( DDZ - , the DDZ - Ⅱ type And the DDZ - Ⅲ type S) And miniaturization modular, multi-functional intelligent. The former were without PT100 temperature sensor, after two kind of transmitter can easily with the thermocouple or heat resistance transmitter with a sensor. Measurement method of constant current constant voltage in the traditional instrument, generally in this way, after the construction of constant current or constant voltage method, using ohm's law, calculate the Pt100 resistance, then the query indexing table, temperature. * this method is simple and general. Common sensor interface UTI method of the traditional method is simple, but there are a lot of shortcomings. Use common sensor interface chip, only need a reference resistor is not sensitive to temperature, Pt100 connected to UTI circuit, can be obtained by MCU Pt100 and reference the proportion of resistance, resistance and temperature is obtained. This method is very suitable for microprocessor-based ( MCU) System, UTI all information only through a MCU compatible signal output, so that greatly reduced the schism between modules outside wiring and coupler. Dear customer: our company and temperature transmitter, pressure sensor, humidity sensor products, you can learn more from the web page by calling the service of the company product of detailed information, perfect service is our pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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