The influencing factors of thermocouple temperature sensor measurement

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-12
Thermocouple temperature sensor is actually a kind of energy converter, it converts heat into electricity, using thermoelectric potential generated by the temperature measurement. But due to changes in the measurement is more, it is easy to affect the measurement result, therefore need to understand what these factors also. Then the next small make up to introduce the factors that affect the measuring thermocouple temperature sensor are what? 1, insert depth: error caused by heat conduction, related to the insertion depth. And insert depth related to the protection tube material. Metal protection tube because of its thermal performance is good, the insert depth should be a little bit deep, ceramic material thermal insulation performance is good, can be inserted into the light. For engineering measurement, the insert depth is also related to such as the measured object is static or flowing, such as the flow of liquid or high-speed airflow temperature measurement, will not be restricted by the above, the insert depth is shallow, some concrete numerical value should be determined by experiment. 2, heat response time: thermal response time depends on the structure of the sensor and measurement conditions, the difference is great. For the gas medium, especially the static gas, at least should be a balance of more than 30 min to reach; For liquid, * fast in more than 5 min. To temperature changing were places, especially in an instant change process, the whole process of only 1 second, insist on the sensor response time in milliseconds. 3, thermal impedance increase: use the thermocouple temperature sensor in high temperature, if the medium to be measured for the gas, so protecting tube surface deposition of dust will burn melt on the surface of the thermal impedance in the protecting tube increase; If the medium to be measured is melt, slag deposition in use process, not only increase the response time of the thermocouple, and also indicate the temperature is low. 4, thermal radiation, usually, in order to reduce the thermal error, should increase the heat transfer, and make the temperature of the furnace wall temperature as close as possible to the thermocouple. In addition, the thermocouple installation position, should as far as possible to avoid thermal radiation from solid, make its can't radiation to the surface of a thermocouple, thermocouple * good with thermal radiation shielding. Through the understanding of the above content, we know there are many factors affecting thermocouple temperature sensor measurement, the inserting depth, response time, thermal impedance increases, the thermal radiation four factors is a major factor *, hope the above content can help you.
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