The forehead temperature gun thermopile supporting the role of the NTC thermistor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-05
New coronavirus pneumonia caused by epidemic to a shadow over China's Spring Festival. In the process of prevention and control of new coronavirus outbreak, breathing machine, monitor, oxygen generator, medical products such as negative pressure ambulances, the forehead temperature gun played a major role. Forehead temperature gun contactless temperature measurement mode, can avoid contact cross infection, for the general public to epidemic prevention and control of play the role of the convenient and quick. The forehead temperature gun, ear temperature gun class USES the thermopile detector infrared thermometer, is through the measure of the radiation energy emitted by an object, according to the boltzmann's law ( E =σεT ? ) , the greater the radiation energy, the higher the temperature, the infrared radiation signal into electrical signal, after amplifier and signal processing circuit, and according to certain algorithm and target emissivity correction, finally can shift to the temperature of the measured target. The main components of temperature measurement is thermopile. Thermopile infrared sensor consists of a series of series with a thermocouple temperature sensor. On both ends of the thermocouple is composed of two different materials, one side when the hot end of contact, contact with the cold end, because see - Beck effect between the two different material can produce a potential difference, the size of the potential difference is associated with the temperature difference between the two kinds of different materials. In series with the thermopile sensor will be a series of thermocouple and improve the detection sensitivity of the transducer. In order to can calculate correctly under different ambient temperature, with a high precision NTC thermistor thermopile environment temperature is measured, according to write some standard temperature conditions in advance, for example: in the object being measured temperature of 37 ℃, thermopile environment temperature is 25 ℃ under the condition of the output voltage, output voltage by measuring the thermopile and thermopile absolute temperature of the surroundings, eventually measuring temperature is calculated from the CPU. When constant electronic type MF58 temperature NTC thermistor 100 k Ω 3950 is commonly used specifications, also has with the chip, this type of products directly by dependend encapsulation process directly with the thermopile together using scheme. Our company's MF58 type temperature NTC thermistor series products, has a good stability, high reliability; Resistance wide range, high precision; Small volume, light weight, strong structure, easy to automated installation; Thermal fast, high sensitivity, etc. MF58 products in home appliances, office automation equipment test or temperature compensation of temperature, the cell phone battery, battery pack, instrument, integrated circuit, quartz crystal oscillation coil and thermocouple/thermopile has a wide range of applications. Constant product MF58, obtain CQC logo certification, UL, C - UL safety certification, passed the harshest in UL standard 100000 times durability test, and adopted the AEC - Q200 testing, in the domestic unique, reliable performance, superior quality, trustworthy.
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