The effect of temperature sensor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-18
Temperature sensor is used to non-electric physical quantity being measured into has relationship with the electrical signals, it get the information right or not, is directly related to the accuracy of the whole system. According to the international standard of the People's Republic of China ( GB / T 7665 - 1987 sensor generic term) Regulation, bed sensor is defined as: can feel the provisions were measured and according to certain rules into output signal of the device or devices are available, and usually consists of sensitive element and transition element. The sensitive element refers to the sensor can feel directly or part of the response is measured; Transition elements is refers to the sensor is sensitive to the life of feeling or response is measured into electrical signal part of the suitable for transfer or measurement. Temperature is a basic physical quantities, all the process of nature is closely related with temperature. Temperature sensor is * early development, * widely used type of sensor. The temperature sensor market share more than the other sensors. From the early 17th century people began to use temperature measurement. With the support of semiconductor technology, the century successively developed a thermocouple sensor, semiconductor PN junction temperature sensor and integrated temperature sensor. Correspondingly, according to the laws of the interaction between wave and material, successively developed acoustic temperature sensors, infrared sensor and microwave sensor.
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