The difference between ordinary power inductor and high current inductor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
SMT inductance has the following characteristics: 1, the flat surface is suitable for SMT. 2, the superior transverse strength good soldering. 3, with high Q value, low impedance characteristic. 4, low leakage, low resistance, resistance to high current characteristics. 5, can provide braid packaging, facilitate automated assembly. The difference between ordinary power inductor and high-current inductance: high current inductor have all the characteristics of the SMD power inductors, and it has the following characteristics: 1, corrosion resistance, high current high current inductor use coarse wire and flat wire winding, pain can be resistant to high current, up to 80 a current. 2, high stability, high current inductor adopts closed magnetic shielding structure, good sealing and high stability. 3, wide applicable range, high current inductor with super resistance to weathering. Can be used in computer motherboards, microcontroller, graphics etc. These devices to work long hours. The average inductance can only be used as DC power - DC module, filter circuit, etc. , although the effect is the same, but the responsibility of the high current inductor is bigger than ordinary power inductors. At present a lot of computer motherboard manufacturer are all developing high-current inductance set of columns of filter circuit, it has strong stability, durability, also it can be said that the inductance performance is good or bad, depends on the performance of the motherboard.
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