The definition of PTC thermistor and applications - Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Definitions and applications of PTC thermistor this article mainly introduced the origin of PTC thermistor development application definition, this article about 1010 words, read the full article 10 minutes. 1, PTC thermistor PTC is to point to in a certain temperature resistance has increased dramatically, with positive temperature coefficient thermistor phenomenon or material, can be specially used for constant temperature sensor. The material is BaTIO3 SrTIO3 or PbTIO3 as the main composition of sintered body, in which mixed with trace amounts of Nb, Ta, Bi, Sb, Y, La and make the control of the valence of oxides such as semiconductor, often will this BaTIO3 semiconducting material such as half guide (for short Body) Porcelain; Its temperature coefficient and the Curie point temperature on composition and sintering conditions ( Especially the cooling temperature) Varies. 2, barium titanate crystal belongs to the perovskite structure, it is a kind of ferroelectric material, pure barium titanate is a kind of insulating material. Add trace rare earth elements in barium titanate material, after proper heat treatment, near the Curie temperature, the resistivity jump several orders of magnitude, PTC effect, the effect and the ferroelectricity of BaTiO3 crystal and its near the Curie temperature is related to the phase change materials. Barium titanate semi-conducting ceramic is a kind of polycrystalline materials, intergranular interface exists between the grain. The semi-conducting porcelain when reaching a certain temperature or voltage, the crystal LiJie changes, thus resistance change sharply. 3 and a half, barium titanate ceramics of PTC effect resulted from LiJie ( Grain boundary) 。 For conduction electron, intergranular interface is equivalent to a barrier. At low temperature, due to the effect of the electric field inside barium titanate and lead to electronic is extremely easy to cross the barrier, the resistance is smaller. When the temperature rises to the Curie point temperature ( The critical temperature) Nearby, the electric field is damaged, it cannot help conduction electron over the potential barrier. Rise, this is equivalent to the potential barrier resistance increases suddenly, PTC effect. Semi-conducting batio3 ceramic PTC effect of the physical model at sea surface barrier model, daniels and others barium vacancy model and stacked barrier model, they never face the PTC effect tongfang respectively made a reasonable explanation. 4, PTC thermistor appeared in 1950, then 1954 appeared with barium titanate as the main material of PTC thermistors. PTC thermistor in industry can be used for temperature measurement and control, is also used to test and adjust the temperature of a portion of the car, also used in large amounts of civilian equipment, such as control instantaneous water boiler water temperature, the temperature of the air conditioner and refrigerator, heat itself is used as the gas analysis and wind machine, etc. 5, PTC thermistor in addition to the used as heating element, also can play & other; Switch & throughout; Effect, both sensitive element, heater and switch three functions, called & other; Thermal switch & throughout; 。 Current through components caused by temperature rise, that is, the temperature of the heating element, when more than Curie point temperature, resistance increases, thereby limiting current is added, so the current components to the fall in temperature decreased, the decrease of the resistance value and make the circuit current is added, component temperature, cycle, so have to keep temperature in certain range of function, and switch. Using the resistance heating source temperature characteristics make it, as the heating elements application has warm wind machine, electric, drying wardrobe, air conditioning, etc. , can also be overheating protection effect to the appliance. 文章/ ptcrmdzddy。 HTML this paper label: an article on resistance thermistor: NTC thermistor definition of the next article: resistance of the alloy type and purpose
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