The classification of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors Capacitance knowledge

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
The classification of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors in this paper, the classification of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor for a series of instructions, probably about 1300 words in this paper, reading need 12 minutes. SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are divided into: liquid and solid of the two kinds of different colors on the surface of the liquid is black, solid respectively in red and blue color and the structure characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Called the solid-state capacitors: solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. It with the ordinary capacitance ( The liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor) Biggest difference lies in the different dielectric material, liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material as the electrolyte, and solid-state capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer. To often go to Internet cafe or use a computer for a long time friends, there must be a computer due to the board capacitance is unstable or heard, even by capacitance burst! That is because on the one hand, the card in use for a long time, overheating electrolyte heated inflation, cause the capacitance loss of function due to more than the boiling point even boil! On the other hand, if the board under the situation of without power for a long time, easy to form chemical reaction with alumina, electrolyte boot or energized the explosion phenomenon. But if using solid-state capacitors, it is completely so that hidden trouble and danger! Because of solid-state capacitors using electrical conductivity polymer products as dielectric materials, the material was not with alumina, after electrify from explosion phenomenon; At the same time it is solid product, there is no natural burst due to heat expansion. Solid-state capacitors with environmental protection, low resistance, high and low temperature stability, resistance to high ripple and superior properties such as high reliability, is one of the highest rank in the electrolytic capacitor products. Due to the solid capacitance characteristics is far superior to liquid aluminum capacitor, solid-state capacitors and heat-resistant up to 260 degrees, and electrical conductivity, good frequency characteristic and life are, suitable for low voltage, high current applications, mainly used in digital products such as light-weight DVD, projector and industrial computer, the products are widely used in recent years has been the computer interface card. Actually patch capacitance with essentially no respectively described above electrolytic capacitor, the differences between them only on the packaging or welding process, the installation process of plug-in or patch type, capacitance itself is upright in the PCB, is the difference between the way by SMT process installation capacity, with a black rubber base. SMT lies mainly in production, the benefits of its high degree of automation, precision is high, not as easy as plug-in is damaged in transit. Because the factory machinery from Europe and America, and the cost is low and artificial is more expensive, so most tend to SMT manufacturing. And domestic factories artificial cheaper, so manufacturers prefer to use plug-in installed. Core of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made up of anode aluminum foil, electrolytic paper, cathode foil and electrolytic paper 4 layer overlapping winding; After core containing leaching electrolyte, with aluminum shell and plastic cover hermetic seal constitute an electrolytic capacitor. Compared with other types of capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor displays the following obvious characteristics: in the structure 1) The working medium of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is generated by means of anodic oxidation on aluminum foil surface a thin layer of 3 oxidation 2 aluminium ( 氧化铝) The oxide dielectric layer and the capacitor anode combined into a complete system, both are interdependent, not independent of each other; We say normally capacitor, the electrode and electrolyte are independent of each other. ( 2) Aluminum electrolytic capacitor anode is generated on the surface of Al2O3 dielectric layer of aluminum foil, cathode is not we traditionally think of negative foil, but the electrolytic capacitor. ( 3) Negative foil electrical lead role in the electrolytic capacitor, because as electrolytic capacitor cathode electrolyte cannot directly and external connection, must pass a metal electrode and the rest of the circuit form electrical pathway. ( 4) Anode foil of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, corrosion of cathode aluminium foil were usually aluminum foil, the actual surface area is much greater than the apparent surface area, which is usually has a large aluminum electrolytic capacitor of capacitance of a reason. Because use aluminum foil with thousands of fine corrosion holes, usually need liquid electrolyte to more effectively use its actual electrode area. ( 5) As a result of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor dielectric oxide film is by means of anodic oxidation, and its thickness is proportional to imposed by the anodic oxidation voltage, so, in principle, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor dielectric layer thickness can be as reference for artificially precise control. Article/tpldjdrdfl. HTML this paper label: SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the classification of an article: SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are negative judgment method to the next: a recruit to teach you to quickly distinguish between power inductor and shielded inductors
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