The advantages of solid-state capacitors - Capacitance knowledge

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-22
Solid-state capacitors of the advantages of this paper, the full name of solid-state capacitors to a series of advantages, this article about 1040 words, read the full article 11 minutes. Called the solid-state capacitors: solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. It with the ordinary capacitance ( The liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor) Biggest difference lies in the different dielectric material, liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material as the electrolyte, and solid-state capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer. Because of solid-state capacitors using electrical conductivity polymer products as dielectric materials, the material was not with alumina, after electrify not explosion phenomenon; At the same time it is solid product, there is no natural burst due to heat expansion. Solid-state capacitors with environmental protection, low resistance, high and low temperature stability, resistance to high ripple and superior properties such as high reliability, is one of the highest rank in the electrolytic capacitor products. 1. High stability of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor can continue stable work in high temperature environment, use of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors can directly improve the mainboard. At the same time, because of its stable impedance, wide temperature range is suitable for power filtering. It can effectively provide stable abundant power supply, is especially important in overclocking. Solid-state capacitors can still work normally in the environment of high temperature, keep all kinds of electrical properties. The capacitance in the whole temperature range is less than 15%, is better than liquid electrolytic capacitor. And solid electrolytic capacitors capacitance and working voltage basic has nothing to do, to ensure its stability in the voltage fluctuation environment work. 2. Long service life of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a very long service life, The service life of more than 50 years) 。 Compared with liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, can be classified as' long life '. It will not be breakdown, also don't have to worry about liquid electrolyte dry and leaked motherboard stability. Many problems in the absence of liquid electrolyte, solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor motherboard is more stable and reliable. Solid electrolyte in won't like liquid electrolyte evaporation temperature expansion, and even burn. Even if the temperature of the capacitance than the tolerance limit, solid electrolyte is just melting, it won't trigger a capacitive metal shell burst, and thus is very safe. Working temperature directly affects the service life of electrolytic capacitors, solid electrolytic capacitor with liquid electrolytic capacitor in different temperature environment significantly longer service life. 3. Low ESR rated ripple current and high ESR ( EquivalentSeriesResistance) Refers to the equivalent series resistance, capacitance is very important. Lower ESR, capacitor charging and discharging the faster the speed, the performance will directly affect the microprocessor of lotus root power supply circuit performance, solid electrolytic capacitor in high frequency circuit of the advantages of low ESR characteristics more apparent. High frequency and low ESR, so to speak, is a solid electrolytic capacitor with liquid capacitance performance difference of watershed. Solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor ESR is very low, and at the same time has a very small energy dissipation. Under the condition of high temperature, high frequency and high power solid-state capacitors is extremely low ESR characteristics can be fully absorbing circuit between the power cord in the high voltage amplitude, to prevent the disturbance to the system. The CPU power consumption is very large, dominant frequency has been far beyond 1 GHZ, at the same time, the CPU peak current of 80 a or more, work output filter capacitor is close to a tipping point. CPU, on the other hand, use a variety of work mode, most of the time in the process of transformation of work patterns. When the CPU by the state into a state of full load, low power consumption of the CPU ( Generally less than 5 milliseconds) Switch needs a great deal of energy are from CPU power supply circuit of capacitance, the solid-state capacitors can fast charge and discharge characteristics in a flash output peak current, ensure adequate power supply, ensure stable work CPU. Article/gtdrdyd. HTML this paper label: solid-state capacitors solid-state capacitors on the advantages of an article: what is the adjustable resistance next article: ceramics capacitor application scope
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