The accuracy of pressure sensor is influenced by what?

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-14
The accuracy of pressure sensor is influenced by what aspects? In fact, there are many factors that can cause error of sensors, we pay attention to the below said four unavoidable error, this is the initial error sensors. First offset error: due to the pressure sensor in the entire vertical migration constant pressure scope, therefore diffuse converter changes and amendments to the laser conditioning will produce offset error. Followed by error sensitivity: produce error size is proportional to the pressure. If the device sensitivity is higher than the typical values, error sensitivity will be pressure increasing function. If the sensitivity is lower than the typical values, error sensitivity will be pressure decreasing function. The error reason lies in the diffusion process of change. The third is the linear error: this is an initial error of pressure sensor affected factors, the causes of the error is physical nonlinear of silicon, but for sensor band amplifier, should also include the nonlinear amplifier. Linear error curve can be concave curve, can also be a convex curve weighing sensor. * is lag error: in most cases, hysteresis error of pressure sensor is completely negligible, because silicon has high mechanical stiffness. Generally only in case of pressure change a lot considering lag error. Pressure sensor of the four error is inevitable, we can only choose high precision production equipment, using high and new technology to reduce these errors, also can be in when they leave a bit error calibration, * large extent possible to reduce the error in order to meet the need. Dear customer: hello, our company is committed to the broad masses of users with high-quality products and complete solutions and the best technical services. The main products are pt100 temperature sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensors, temperature transmitter, pressure sensor and so on. You can dial the hotline number service of the company over the web for more product details, perfect service is our constant pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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