Temperature sensor and instrument used wiring problem

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-19
Temperature sensor in the industry and agriculture and service industries have a wide range of applications, such as temperature sensor can be used alone or with secondary instrument, there are many customers like to buy temperature sensor used in instruments, but tend to appear in the process of using the following questions. Common or pt1000 is pt100 temperature sensor, when we use these matching instrument used to set the instrument input to the corresponding pt100 or pt1000, followed by assisting instrument use must need pt100 or pt1000 are three wire system, to eliminate the influence of the resistance. The second is 4 20 ma output of temperature sensor, we call it a temperature sensor, when the temperature sensor is used to assist instrument input signal into a 4 - you need to set up the instrument 20 ma, the second is the wiring, 4 - 20 ma temperature sensor is generally two wire system, if you need any instrument power supply to it we will be in the power meter feed sensor, signal line access equipment input, if you don't need the instrument power we can from the actuators to a power supply, sensor to the signal lines of instruments, meters and sensors are then connected earth anode. Temperature sensor is used for instrument has become so common that temperature sensor and digital display integration at present, this kind of sensor itself and shows that don't need wiring, so we use rise more convenient, but the screen is very small, it is not easy to observe and record the data, so the temperature sensor used for secondary instrument or majority, convenient to observe and record the digital display and remote data. Convenient use big customer.
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