Specific role of pressure sensor signal conditioning is introduced

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-04
Usually there will be a signal of the pressure sensors regulate, it's function is to compensate the error of the sensor at different temperatures. What are the role of the pressure sensor signal conditioning device is known to all, Beijing billion ling technology co. , LTD. Today is to introduce for everybody. Now, can buy on the market a variety of models of signal disposal, their functions are diverse, they can be * * to enlarge pressure sensor signal, temperature compensation sensor error, and can directly control the calibration process, signal disposal device also can be adjusted by different signals to meet the needs of different customers. Pressure sensor used in the different environment need different output, such as the automotive industry for 0 from the signal conditioning. 5 v ~ 4。 5 v output, industrial and process control applications usually require 4 ma ~ 20 ma output, and test equipment (0 ~ 5 v output range output requirements. Through the adoption of more output voltage range or current signal disposal, designers do not need to design a circuit board for each application. Some signal disposal device allows the design engineer in as many as 100 compensation point calibration temperature sensor output, enable engineers to according to the error and the relationship between the pressure sensor temperature curve matching, so as to reduce the influence of temperature on the sensor. Amendable error includes the entire temperature range of zero and full range gain error. Temperature sensor is used to track environmental temperature of the pressure sensor. Signal conditioning device is now there are a lot of companies can produce, but can the calibration system of signal disposal is not a lot, so can develop calibration signal conditioning system is very necessary. Signal conditioning device is not only has application in pressure sensors, many needs to be used in sensor signal conditioning, so first need to develop higher performance of the sensor has high performance of signal disposal.
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