Resistor structure classification and symbol - Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Resistor structure classification and symbol resistor is mainly introduced in this paper according to the structure is divided into several categories, and its use symbolic representation, this article about 230 words, read the full article 3 minutes. Resistor according to its structure can be divided into fixed resistor, adjustable resistor and potentiometer three categories. Fixed resistor, half in the circuit, adjustable resistor symbol is R, potentiometer symbol is RP. To distinguish different types of resistance, commonly used a few Latin letters resistance categories, as shown in figure 1. First letter 'R' said resistance, the second letter said conductor material, said the third letter shape performance. Above is a carbon film resistor, below is precision metal film resistors. Table 1 lists the resistance categories and symbols. Order category name referred to as 'the first letter symbols Lord said resistor potentiometer resistance a RW the second letter conductor material carbon film metal film lines to metal oxide film around the carbon gold oxygen TJYX shape and performance is the third letter size high precision measurement of high power small precise XJLGArticle/DZQJGFLJFH. HTML this paper label: resistor structure an article on the classification and symbol: resistance with the material classification in the next article: semiconductor characteristics definition
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