PT100 temperature sensor development present situation

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-25
Pt100 temperature sensor is to use the material law of various physical properties vary with temperature, the temperature sensor is converted to electricity. These showed regular changes in the physical properties of the main functioning. In recent years, the process of modernization of China's industry and the continuous growth of electronic information industry, led to the rapid rise in sensor market. As an important category in sensor, PT100 temperature sensor of the sensor over 40% of the total demand. Temperature sensor is the use of NTC resistance with the temperature change of the characteristics of the electrical quantities into electrical signal, thus * * can make temperature measurement and automatic control of semiconductor devices. Temperature sensor USES is very wide, can be used for temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation, flow velocity and flow rate measurement, level indicator, temperature and wind speed, ultraviolet and infrared measurement, microwave power measurement is widely used in color TV, computer color display, switching power supply, water heater, refrigerator, kitchen equipment, air conditioning, automotive and other fields. In recent years the rapid growth of the automotive electronics, consumer electronics industry led to the rapid growth of the temperature sensor needs in our country.
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