PT100 temperature measuring system in the field of industrial application advantages analysis

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-20
Temperature is representing the degree of cold and hot object quantity, it can pass some characteristics of the object with the temperature change ( Features such as resistance, voltage change) To measure indirectly, through the study found that metal platinum ( Pt) Resistance with temperature of transformation and transformation, and has good reproducibility and stability, and made use of the physical properties of platinum sensor called platinum resistance temperature sensor, it is high precision, good stability, application temperature range, is in the low temperature area ( - - - - - - 200 ~ 650 ℃) * the commonly used a temperature detector, not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, and be made into all kinds of standard thermometer ( Covers the national and the world base temperature) For the use of measurement and calibration. Pt100 resistance temperature sensor, temperature measurement is the essence of measuring the resistance of the sensor, usually the resistance transformation converts analog signals such as voltage or current, then converts analog signals into digital signals, then by the processor conversion out the corresponding temperature. In the wireless measurement and control system, we often have to measure weak signal of sensor output, physical quantities such as pressure, temperature detection. That is commonly used in temperature detection sensors can be divided into proximity sensor and the proximity sensors. Common proximity sensor with metal thermal resistance, thermal resistance, thermocouple, and digital temperature sensor ( DS18B20 ) And so on; The proximity sensor such as infrared temperature measurement. Various sensors measuring temperature range, measurement accuracy is also different, choose what kind of sensor, need according to the actual situation to decide. PT100 is one of the metal thermal resistance, under 0 ℃, the resistance of the resistance of 100 Ω, temperature measurement range for - 200 ℃— 850 ℃, due to its wide measuring range, high measurement precision, and suitable for long distance measurement and control, has been widely used in industry.
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