Pt100 is what?

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-26
Pt100 platinum thermal resistance, its value will change with the change in temperature. PT after 100 indicates that it is in 0 ℃ when the resistance of 100 ohms, at 100 ℃ its resistance value is about 138. 5 ohms. PT100 temperature sensor is a kind of platinum ( Pt) Of resistance temperature detector, belongs to the resistivity, its resistance and the relation between the temperature changes are as follows: R = Ro ( 1 +αT) The alpha = 0. 00392, Ro is 100 Ω ( In the resistance value of 0 ℃) T for the Celsius temperature & lt; 不要总是戴着 So of platinum resistance temperature detector, also known as PT100. Application: medical, electrical, industrial, temperature resistance, calculation and high precision temperature equipment, application range is very wide. Components: the common sense of pt100 temperature components are ceramic element, glass components, mica elements, they are made of platinum wire around the ceramic skeleton respectively, glass frame, again on mica skeleton through a complicated process.

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