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by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-22
Usually when we choose varistor, need according to own actual need, reference to choose the parameters of the varistor, which involves the parameters of the nominal voltage, voltage and residual voltage ratio, maximum limit pressure ratio, flow capacity, etc. , said that these parameters specific what meaning, then follow the small make up to learn together. 1, the nominal voltage ( V) Nominal voltage is said or identify the appropriate voltage approximation of a battery, also known as the rated voltage. The nominal voltage of varistor, refers to by 1 ma dc current pressure-sensitive resistor voltage value. 2, voltage than voltage than refers to the ratio of two groups of voltage. Varistor voltage ratio, refers to the current of piezoresistor to 1 ma when the voltage and current of piezoresistor is 0. The ratio of 1 ma when the voltage value. 3, maximum limit voltage ( V) Varistor voltage (maximum limit V) , refers to the pressure sensitive resistor are the highest voltage value, it said in the regulations, the impact of the current Ip by pressure sensitive resistance voltage generated by the voltage on both ends when the time is also known as the residual pressure, so choose the varistor residual pressure must be less than the pressure level Vo of protected objects, otherwise cannot achieve reliable protection purpose. 4, residual ratio and pressure ratio, refers to by piezoresistor of current for a certain value, the voltage produced by it at both ends is called the current value of the residual pressure. Residual compression ratio is the residual pressure and the ratio of the nominal voltage. It is In the In ( Nominal discharge current) Residual pressure value and the measured under pressure sensitive resistance ratio, the thickness of the unit is the V/mm. Flow capacity (5, kA) Also called general traffic flow capacity, refers to the prescribed requirements ( Applying standards specified time interval and the number of times, the impact of the current) , the allowed maximum pulse (by piezoresistor on Peak) Current value. If the current value flow capacity, more than varistor will be damaged. 6, leakage current ( mA) Leakage current is also called wait for current, is refers to the pressure sensitive resistor under specified temperature and maximum dc voltage, electric current through the piezoresistor. If the leakage current is too large, the resistor will heat damage. 7, voltage temperature coefficient of varistor voltage temperature coefficient, refers to the prescribed temperature range ( Temperature is 20 ~ 70) , the piezoresistor nominal voltage of the rate of change, namely the current by piezoresistor keep constant, the temperature change 1, pressure-sensitive resistor voltage relative changes. 8, the current current temperature coefficient of pressure sensitive resistance temperature coefficient, refers to the pressure sensitive resistor at both ends of the voltage remains constant, the temperature change 1, through the relative changes of piezoresistor current. 9, voltage nonlinear coefficient nonlinear coefficient is described ZnO varistor nonlinear strength of electrical parameters, is refers to the pressure sensitive resistor in the role of a given applied voltage, the static resistance and dynamic resistance. 10, insulation resistance, insulation resistance refers to the insulation under prescribed conditions of the dc resistance, pressure sensitive resistance of the insulation resistance refers to the pressure sensitive resistor lead ( Pin) And resistance between the surface of the insulation resistance value. 11, static electricity capacity ( PF) The static capacity of varistor, refers to the capacity of capacitance piezoresistor itself. 12, rated power, rated power refers to the power when using electric equipment to work normally. The rated power of the varistor, refers to the work under the specific environment temperature 85 1000 hours, change a pressure-sensitive voltage is less than 10% of the maximum power. 13, a large shock current ( 8/20us) In a specific pulse current ( 8/20 us waveform) Impact sensitive resistor, one or two times, Every 5 minutes), , make the pressure-sensitive voltage change is still within 10% of the large shock current. Where us refers to microseconds. This paper label: an article on resistance pressure sensitive resistance: the characteristic parameters of piezoresistor next up: the difference between ceramics capacitors and electrolytic capacitors
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