Power resistance measurement method Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Power resistance measurement method of this paper mainly introduces the power resistance measurement method, this article about 1030 words, read 10 minutes. Conductor of current effect is called the conductor resistance ( 电阻) 。 In physics, with resistance to represent the conductor of the size of the current working. The greater the resistance of the conductor, said conductor greater the role of the current block. Different conductor resistance generally different, resistance is a property of the conductor itself. Power refers to the object the work done in a unit time, that is, power is to describe how doing work quantities. Formula for power = work/time for the power, the written formula is P says power, the unit is a 'w', or 'tile' symbol is' w '. W said work, the unit is' joule, hereinafter referred to as' coke 'symbol is' J'. T show the time, the unit is' seconds' symbol is' s'. Because W = F ( F) *s( S displacement) ( The definition of work) , so the power of the formula can be deduced, When v says the average speed and average power of the power for the corresponding process, when the instantaneous velocity v said the instantaneous power of the power for the corresponding state of) 。 Power measuring power measurement used to measure the consumption of electrical equipment power, widely used in household appliances, lighting equipment, industrial machinery, and other areas such as research and development or production line. This paper mainly introduces several kinds of power measurement method and its concrete application. 1 power measurement technology the following two methods are commonly used to: ( 1) Diode power detection method ( 2) Under the equivalent thermal power consumption test respectively introduce the four methods and to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. 1. Figure 1 1 using diode power detection method using diode detection circuit of input power as shown in figure l, figure 1 ( a) For simple half-wave rectifier, filter circuit, the circuit of 50 Ω total input resistance. D for the rectifier, C for filtering capacitance. Rf power input PIN output voltage U0 after rectifying filtering. But when the environment temperature or lower U0 will change significantly. Figure 1 ( b) For after improvement, the diode detection power input circuit, the circuit increases the temperature compensation diode D2, rectifier voltage of diode D1 for temperature compensation. Diode has a negative temperature coefficient, reduce the pressure drop when temperature D1, D2 pressure drop is likewise decreases, and eventually make the output voltage remains stable. Need to point out that diode detection circuit based on average response, it does not directly measure the effective value of the input power, but according to the relationship of sinusoidal RMS with average to indirect measuring RMS power. Obviously, when measured waveform is not a sine wave, wave crest factor is not equal to 1. 4142, can produce large measurement error. 1. 2 equivalent thermal power consumption test figure 2 equivalent thermal power consumption test circuit as shown in figure 2. It is an unknown ac signal of the equivalent heat and a dc reference voltage comparing the effective heat. When the signal resistance ( R1) With the reference resistor ( R2) The difference in temperature is zero, the power consumption of the two resistors is equal, so the effective value of the unknown signal voltage is equal to the dc reference voltage RMS. R1, R2 for matching resistance, adopt low temperature coefficient of resistance, the voltage drop of KU1 and KU0 respectively. In order to measure temperature, also near R1, R2, respectively, and then the voltage output type temperature sensor A, B, also can choose the two thermocouple to measure temperature. In R1 and R2 and resistance in series respectively with overheating protection. Although the principle of equivalent thermal power consumption test is very simple, but it is difficult to implement in practical application, and the price of this testing equipment is very expensive. 文章/ gldzdclff。 HTML this paper label: resistance power resistance power resistance on the measurement of an article: capacitive common failures and repair method next article: high voltage resistors and its composition
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