Patch capacitance in the application of the auto industry

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Patch capacitor is one of the core electronic components, automotive electronics development with the rapid development of automotive electronics, not patch capacitance supplies. Auto electronic is seen as a measure the important symbol of the levels of modern car, is used to develop new models and improve the performance of the most important technical measures. Carmakers that increase the number of automobile electronic equipment, promote auto electronic is the effective measure to capture the importance of the future automobile market. Patch capacitor is widely used in vehicles, such as operating system and software installation system application. These applications have information processing, communications, navigation, security, and entertainment, and other functions, can fully perceive the condition of drivers and passengers. At present, the car has to develop in the direction of new energy vehicles, automotive electronics to patch capacitor demand more and more big, also is the patch capacitor supply is one of the main reasons why not.
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