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NTC Thermistor-The Important Electronic Component For Forehead Thermometer


Thermistor-Mov Electronics Co., Ltd.  April 2

With the global anti-epidemic struggle, although the internal epidemic situation has been gradually controlled, people's struggle with the COVID-19 still needs continuous efforts. In the process of epidemic prevention, medical equipment such as ventilator, monitor, forehead thermometer play a huge role. The convenient, accurate and non-contact measurement method of the forehead thermometer makes the forehead thermometer play an important role in preventing and controlling the epidemic.                         


The accuracy of the forehead thermometer is closely depending on the performance of the high-precision NTC thermistor. In order to be able to calculate correctly at different ambient temperatures, NTC thermistor is needed to measure the ambient temperature of the thermopile. Through the voltage difference between the thermopile and the temperature of the measured object, the temperature of the measured object is finally calculated by the CPU. The accuracy of NTC thermal sensitivity will directly influence the accuracy of the forehead thermometer.

MFS104H3950AA NTC thermistor is a common specification of 100kΩ3950. And it has many excellent product characteristics.

1、Good stability and reliability.

2、It passed multiple tests . such as vibration test, temperature test, temperature aging test, high temperature load test and humidity resistance test.

3After passing the above tests, it can still maintain good accuracy and response speed.

4、Its small size and stable structure can facilitate automatic installation.

5、long service life

6、The product uses blue film vacuum packaging for easy storage and transportation

This NTC thermistor has a wide range of applications in temperature testing or temperature compensation of household appliances, automation equipment, cell phones, batteries, and thermocouples / thermopiles. 

 Simultaneously, the company's production capacity is strong. Has a large stock.  Convenient and diverse logistics also make the delivery of products stable and fast.

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