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New arrival------NTC HNF serial


At present, the application environment of the market is more diversified than before, and the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors common temperature sensor measurement and control components, which are widely used in aviation, marine and civil applications with the characteristics of high temperature measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good reliability, low cost and long working life. With the continuous advancement of the electronics industry and information technology, modern electronic information systems are moving toward miniaturization and monolithic integration. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, we have introduced HNF series thin film resistors (collectively referred to as MF55). Let's have a look of our HNF series.


The film thermistors are kind of sensitive components. The resistance value of the thermistor changes with the change of temperature. Unlike the general fixed resistor, it belongs to a class of variable resistors and are widely used in various resistance components. 

     1.Product introduction: HNF film temperature measurement type NTC thermistor (hereinafter referred to as HNF resistance) is a small-volume thin film NTC     thermistor produced by new materials and new technology, which has the advantages of common precision and rapid response.

      2.Scope of application:

  • Air conditioning equipment

  •  Heating equipment

  •  Electronic thermometer

  •  Level sensor

  •  Automotive Electronics

  •  Electronic desk calendar

  •  Cell phone battery, etc.


  • Insulating film package, good insulation, good stability and high reliability

  • Small size, light weight, fast thermal induction and high sensitivity

  • Interchangeability, good consistency, stable work for a long time

  • High precision of resistance

  • Safe to use, sturdy structure, easy to install automatically

      4.Model name:

    5.Dimensional drawing:


  • To avoid the chip and the wire frame falling off and causing poor tissue,do not bend the resistor wire frame at random 

  • Do not exceed 300 °C during soldering, and soldering time should not exceed 0.5 seconds.

  • Use a heat gun when heat shrinking the sleeve, and the temperature of the air gun should be controlled at about 120 °C.

  • Use a constant temperature soldering iron for soldering, flattening the soldering iron tip, holding the resistor in one hand, and welding the wire in one hand, which can improve production efficiency and shorten welding time.

  • Special note: Do not touch the chip (ie the top of the resistor)!

Thermistor-Mov Elect. Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistors, varistors and temperature sensors. It adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology for nuclear, quality for life, users for marriage", and constantly improves technology, quality, environment and human resources. , information and knowledge management system, it is important to continuously innovate to meet the needs of the market, to provide first-class circuit protection solutions and services for users at home and abroad!

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