Material composition and characteristics of thermistor - Knowledge of electrical resistance

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Thermistor material composition and characteristics of this paper is the characteristics of the thermistor and the introduction of material composed of series, this article about 950 words, read the full article 10 minutes. Thermal resistance of the main features are: (1) higher sensitivity, its temperature coefficient of resistance to more than 10 ~ 100 times larger than metal, can detect 10 - 6 ℃ temperature change; (2) wide working temperature range, the normal temperature device applicable to - 55 ℃ ~ 315 ℃, the high temperature components applicable temperature higher than 315 ℃, At present the highest can reach 2000 ℃) And apply to - low temperature device 273℃~- 55℃; 3. Small volume, the gap to other thermometer measurement, the temperature of the cavity and biological blood vessels in the body; (4) easy to use, resistance value can be zero. 1 ~ 100 k Ω between arbitrary choice; 5. Easy processed into complex shapes, can be mass production; 6. Good stability, strong overload capacity. Semiconductor materials classification thermistor materials this kind of material is single crystal semiconductor, polycrystalline semiconductor, glass, organic semiconductor and metal oxide semiconductor. They have a very large temperature coefficient of resistance and high resistivity, made of the sensor's sensitivity is high. According to the negative temperature coefficient of resistance temperature coefficient of resistance can also be divided into material and positive temperature coefficient of resistance. In a limited range of temperatures, negative temperature coefficient of resistance materials accessible - a * 10-6 2 / ℃, a positive temperature coefficient of resistance can be as high as - a * 10 to 60 More than 2 / ℃. Such as drinking acid barium titanate is an ideal semiconductor material of positive temperature coefficient of resistance. The above two materials are widely used for temperature measurement, temperature control, temperature transient, switching circuit, overload protection and time delay, etc. , such as respectively made of child thermistor thermometer, thermistor switch and thermistor thermometer, thermistor switch and thermistor delay relay fault, etc. This kind of material due to the exponential relationship between resistance and flow degree, so narrow temperature range, uniformity is poor. 。 Metal thermistor materials such as heat resistance temperature measurement, a current limiter, and automatic constant temperature heating elements have become more widely used. Such as nickel platinum resistance thermometer, resistance thermometer, copper resistance thermometer, etc. The lateral platinum temperature sensors in various medium ( Including the corrosive medium) , show the obvious characteristic of high accuracy and high stability. However, due to the scarcity of platinum and expensive and make them widely used by certain restrictions. Copper temperature sensor is cheap, but in the medium and long-term use, resistance to corrosion medium can lead to the static characteristics and resistance change obviously. Recently the data reported, copper - temperature sensor can be in the air medium 60 ~ 180 ℃ temperature range. However, in order to - abroad 60 ~ 180 ℃ to measure temperature and for a long time in short-term measure temperature 250 ℃, which generally heavy use of the nickel temperature sensor, and argued that the nickel is a kind of ideal material, because they have high sensitivity and satisfactory reproducibility and stability. Alloy thermistor material alloy thermistor material which is also called thermal resistance alloy. This alloy has the high resistivity, and the change of resistance with temperature sensitive, is a kind of good materials to make win min sensor. As a win min sensors thermal resistance alloy performance requirements are as follows: ( 1) The resistivity of large enough; ( 2) High temperature coefficient of resistance; ( 3) Linear expansion coefficient is close to the experimental materials; ( 4) Small strain sensitivity coefficient; ( 5) The heating and cooling within the range of working temperature, the resistance temperature curve should have good repeatability. 文章/ rmdzdclzcj。 HTML this paper label: resistance thermistor thermistor material composition and characteristics of the previous: SMD inductance model and SMD inductance package size next article: magnetic bead and its principle of work
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