Introduction of temperature sensor and the development process

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-02
The temperature sensor ( 温度传感器) Refers to can feel temperature translates into usable output signal of the sensor. The temperature sensor is the core part of the temperature measuring instrument, wide variety. According to measuring methods could be divided into two types: contact and non-contact, according to the sensor material and electronic component features divided into two categories, thermal resistance and thermocouple. Temperature sensor is * early development, * widely used type of sensor. The temperature sensor market share more than the other sensors. From the early 17th century people began to use temperature measurement. With the support of semiconductor technology, the century successively developed a thermocouple sensor, semiconductor PN junction temperature sensor and integrated temperature sensor. Correspondingly, according to the laws of the interaction between wave and material, successively developed acoustic temperature sensors, infrared sensor and microwave sensor. * of the temperature sensor is a variety of various sensors for a common, modern appearance of temperature sensor is very small, so more to make it widely used in the areas of production practice, also offers numerous benefits for people's life and function. The temperature sensor has four main types: thermocouple, thermal resistance, resistance temperature detector ( RTD) And the IC temperature sensor. IC temperature sensor and includes two types, that is, analog output and digital output.
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