Humidity sensor is widely used now

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-20
Humidity sensors are now widely used, the humidity sensor is good for monitoring environment humidity, in food protection, environment detection has important applications, such as when we were in the use of humidity sensor should fully understand the structure of humidity sensor has some matters needing attention in using process. Humidity sensor is sealing, to protect the measuring accuracy and stability, and should be avoided in acid, alkali and containing organic solvents used in the atmosphere. Also avoid using dust in the larger environment. For the correct reflection to measure the humidity of the space, also should avoid sensors placed too close to the walls or the flow of air is not blind Angle. If the room is too large to be measured, it should be placed more sensors. Or mutual interference between sensors, even unable to work. When using the skill required to provide appropriate, conform to the requirements of the precision of power supply. Sensor need for remote signal transmission, to pay attention to the attenuation of the signal problem. When the transmission distance of more than 200 m or more, the proposal chooses humidity sensor output signal frequency. Due to the moisture sensor has certain dispersion, whether imported or domestic calibration of sensor must be by debugging. Most need to debug after replace the moisture sensor calibration, the measuring accuracy is higher humidity sensor is particularly important. In addition to the above products, the company also supplies have pt100 temperature sensor, pressure sensor, and other products, our company has * have practical technology, professional operation team, to create on the premise that the user experience for your service, the service of the supreme good to beauty is our endless pursuit. Because of the people-based, so trustworthy; Because professional full-time, so worthy of choice. The above information is for reference only. For details, please contact related staff to answer you.
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