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by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-07
( 1) Under 70 ℃ ( Usually in - More than 40 ℃) When, if the environment is clean, use the polymer sensor, the use of polluting ceramic sensors ( Clean renewable heating type) 。 Due to the heating cleaning process, it can't continuous measurement, and large energy consumption, 1 ~ 10 w) 。 But life is long, when using the optional heating cycle longer sensors, such as chlorine oxygen radicals apatite ceramic sensors, wash 2 ~ 3 months, in addition, the internal heating type than external heat low consumption. ( 2) In the range of 70 ~ 100 ℃ closed humidity, with heating cleaning ceramic sensors, to improve the precision of linear and temperature compensation can be performed. In order to achieve higher precision to match with the microcomputer. Heating at high temperature and high humidity need frequent cleaning, such as more than 80% RH, 30 s to erase a, * well equipped with automatic cleaning device for heating. ( 3) In the range of 100 ~ 150 ℃ closed humidity, internationally, most used ceramic humidity sensor production of high temperature and humidity meter. ( 2) Application in the industrial process of automatic control in order to improve the quality of the products and energy saving, usually in the drying system, humidity control of the reactor, the boiler steam leakage detection, integrated circuit, or head factory air-conditioning are mostly using ceramic humidity sensor control; All kinds of air conditioning system, medical system or ceramic polymer humidity sensor used for humidity control. ( 3) In the application of steam leak detection system in coal-fired power stations, nuclear power station, steam locomotive, boiler, high temperature and high pressure equipment, in order to prevent leak, prevent accidents, the humidity sensor can be used for leak detection. ( 4) In the application of other systems in the home appliance dew condensation detection sensor can be used as a video tape recorder, car window condensation, frost detection, etc. Humidity sensor is driven by application in packaging for microelectronic circuits fault mechanism analysis, because of the integrated circuit has a lot to do with failure and humidity. At the Massachusetts institute of technology put slightly damp sensors on a chip, its failure early warning experiment is successful. Dear customer: hello, our company is a strong technical force of the development of high quality, for the majority of users with high-quality products and complete solutions and the best technical services company. The main products are pt100 temperature sensor, temperature transmitter, pressure sensor, etc. This enterprise uphold sincerity, with the purpose of the implementation of quality and with enterprising societe generale, with a firmer step climb the new peak unceasingly, contribute to national automation industry, welcome new and old customers to rest assured the choose and buy the desired products. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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