How the PT100 resistance connection?

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-19
Pt100 is one of the platinum thermal resistance, thermal resistor important instrument for measuring temperature, pt100 is index number. PT100 is A thermal resistor wire wound resistor with temperature change, only two lines to A and B, lead us in the actual industrial production in order to compensate the lead error, increase the measurement accuracy, we added another lead C thread that is in line with the resistance on the node B take out A piece of wire, so the lines to B and C 0 ohm is the resistance between, and A and B C the resistance value is greater than 100 euro. Room temperature circumstances is about 110 ohms. In actual production application, the PT100 resistance when the connection is very simple, it is also one of the advantages of the PT100 resistance, B and C terminal, can need not distinguish, only need to pay attention to A line don't wrong. Dear customer: our company has a pressure sensor, temperature transmitter, PT100 temperature sensor products, you can call our company service special line over the web for more product details, perfect service is our endless pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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