How about the OEM service flow?
You may first license Guangdong Thermistor-Mov Electronics Co., Ltd. to make things happen based on your product design. We then are responsible for manufacturing, test, packing and delivery. We, with extensive resources and expertise, can ensure that you are satisfied with the quality and performance of our technologies. We offer world-class products engineered to your unique needs.

Thermistor-Mov Electronics plays a great role in leading the trend of Chinese ntc temperature sensor industry. Thermistor-Mov Electronics's main products include ntc temperature sensor series. Thermistor-Mov Electronics temp sensor is manufactured under the strict scrutiny of our experienced team. Featuring high accuracy, the product is not prone to error. The use of this product ensures the division of labor. Workers can stipulate and specific roles of which they do with the use of this product. The product has the advantage of small size while providing reliable operation.

Our mission is to bring respect, integrity, and quality to our products, services, and all that we do to improve the business of our customers.
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