High pressure patch capacitor applications

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
High-pressure SMD capacitance high-voltage SMD capacitor also known as multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, is a kind of ceramic powder production technology, internal for precious metals palladium, silver plating on ceramic with high temperature sintering, as the electrode is made. Products are divided into high frequency ceramic dielectric NPO ( COG) And low-frequency ceramic dielectric X7R two kinds of material. NPO has small package volume, high temperature coefficient of resistance capacitance, high frequency performance is good, used in high stable oscillator circuit, filter capacitor as a circuit. X7R ceramic capacitor is limited to bypass or in the work of ordinary frequency loop blocking, or requirements for stability and the loss is not high, this kind of capacitor is unfavorable use in communication ( 交流) Pulse circuit, because they are easy to be pulse voltage breakdown, so is not recommended in the ac circuit. High pressure patch capacitor application fields with the development of science and technology, ceramic tiles capacitors play an important role in current electronic field. Patch capacitor applications: high pressure patch capacitor is mainly used for power supply filter, power step-down, dual voltage, absorb the surge protection circuit is the basic working principle of charging and discharging, of course, rectifier, oscillation, and other functions. It is used in the power supply circuit to realize the bypass, decoupling, filter and energy storage. It usually adopts the modular power supply, electric tools, smart home, intelligent household appliances, LED lighting series ( Incandescent lamp, tungsten, G4, G9 lamp, COB to shoot the light, the ball bubble lamp) Resistance, capacitance step-down power supply, automotive electronics, automotive xenon lamp ( HID electric ion stabilizer) And negative. Ion generator, high frequency electrodeless lamp, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts and other products; Chip piezoresistor piezoresistor products dedicated to the computer, communications products, network products, automotive equipment, automotive electronics, security products, intelligent products, prisoners of war 2 products, lamps, industrial control equipment, toys, and other fields.
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