Electrolytic capacitor identification method Capacitance knowledge

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Electrolytic capacitor identification method of electrolytic capacitor logo is mainly introduced in this paper, in this paper, probably about 275 words, read the full article 3 minutes. Electrolytic capacitor identification method mainly has the following three: 1, marked with three digits, and some units for pF. Is made valid by means of the first two Numbers, one for effective digital times 10 to the power, such as 475 said 47 & times; 7 uf. 2, annotate directly, said the main parameters of capacity and pressure values, such as 10 v6 said electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of 10 uf, withstand voltage is 6 v. 3, using the code method and usually consists of a letter and three digits, letters represent the withstand voltage value of electrolytic capacitors, number is used to indicate the capacitance, the unit of pF. Two digits before the number of effective capacitance, the third digital said effective digital times 10 to the power. Indications to patch electrolytic capacitor above marked the end for the electrolytic capacitor anode. 文章/ djdrbsff。 HTML this paper label: an article on the electrolytic capacitors: electrolytic capacitor under the characteristics and types of the difference between a: electrolytic capacitor detection method
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