Common three kind of ceramic capacitor and its characteristics Capacitance knowledge

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-21
This article mainly introduced the common three types of ceramic capacitors and its characteristic, this article word count 1300 words, to read the full article 13 minutes. Ceramic capacitor is the floorboard of the ceramic materials for dielectric capacitor, variety, shape size differs very big. By using voltage can be divided into high, medium and low voltage ceramic capacitors. According to the temperature coefficient of dielectric constant can be divided into different negative temperature coefficient, positive temperature coefficient, zero temperature coefficient, high dielectric constant, low dielectric constant, etc. General ceramic capacitor compared with those of other capacitor has the use of higher temperature, specific capacity is big, good moisture resistance, dielectric loss, small temperature coefficient of capacitance can choose on a larger scale, etc. Widely used in electronic circuits, the dosage is very considerable. 1, the characteristics of the semiconductor ceramic capacitor surface layer ceramic capacitor, the capacitor microminiaturization, the volume of the capacitor in as little as possible for as far as possible big capacity, this is one of the capacitor development trend. For separation of capacitor component, a basic approach to micro miniaturization, there are two: improved the dielectric constant of dielectric materials as far as possible; Make the thickness of the dielectric layer thinned as much as possible. In ceramic materials, ferroelectric ceramics is a high dielectric constant, but the use of ferroelectric ceramics manufacturing common ferroelectric ceramic capacitor, it is difficult to do a very thin ceramic medium. First is low due to the strength of the ferroelectric ceramics, thin shatter easily, is difficult to make actual production operation, the production process is very difficult. 2, high voltage ceramic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors has been widely used in power system, the laser power supply, video tape recorder, TV, electron microscope, photocopiers, office automation equipment, aerospace, etc. Barium titanate ceramic material with high dielectric coefficient, ac withstand voltage characteristics of good advantages, but also a capacitance change rate with the medium temperature, shortcomings and so on insulation resistance decreased. The key to high voltage ceramic capacitor production 5 ( 1) To select the influencing factors on the quality of the high voltage ceramic capacitors, in addition to the composition of porcelain, optimization of manufacture process, the strict process conditions is very important. For raw materials, therefore, is to consider the cost and pay attention to the purity, choosing industrial pure raw material, must pay attention to the applicability of the raw material. ( 2) The preparation of the preparation of frit frit quality of porcelain ball grinding fineness and firing has a great influence, such as low temperature frit synthesis, synthesis of inadequate. Against the follow-up process. Such as synthetic material remnants of Ca2 +, hinder the efforts of rolling membrane technology, such as the synthesis temperature on the high side, the clinker quality, will affect the efficiency of ball mill, grinding media impurities introduction, will reduce the activity of powder, lead to porcelain sintering temperature increased. ( 3) Molding process to prevent the uneven thickness direction stress, too much closed porosity, if there is a larger pores or spallation, affects the electrical strength of the porcelain body. ( 4) Firing process should strictly control the firing system, take the good performance of temperature control equipment and good thermal conductivity of kiln furniture. ( 5) Coating of coating material selection, coating process control and cleaning on the surface of the porcelain had a great influence on the characteristics of the capacitor. This, must choose good wave resistance, and closely combined with the surface of the porcelain body, high electric strength of coating material. At present, most choose epoxy resin, a few products also have choose phenolic resin coating. And take the first insulating paint coating, again with phenolic resin coating method, it is of some significance to reduce the cost. Large-scale production line with powder coating technology. 3, multilayer ceramic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitor is electronic component which has been widely applied in the category, it is the inside electrode materials with ceramic body with alternating multilayer parallel composite, and burn into a whole, also known as the chip monolithic capacitor, has the characteristics of small size, high volume, high precision, in printed circuit board, can be pasted on the hybrid integrated circuit substrate, effectively reduce the volume and weight of the electronic information terminal products, improve product reliability. Can rise to the storage charge in the electronic circuit, blocking dc, filtering, coupling, to distinguish the different frequency and make the tuning circuit, and so on. In the high frequency switch power supply, computer network and mobile communication devices can partly replacing organic thin film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, and greatly improve the filtering performance of high frequency switch power supply and anti-jamming performance. 文章/ cjsztcdrqj。 HTML this paper label: an article on ceramic capacitors, monolithic capacitors, monolithic capacitors under the types and application of an article: electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of life
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