Basic knowledge of resistive humidity sensor

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-04-06
Resistive humidity sensor is to use the electrical characteristics of wet sensitive components ( Such as resistance) , the principle of changes over the humidity, the measurement of humidity sensor, humidity sensitive components are generally dipping hygroscopic material in the insulation, or through evaporation and coating process system of a layer of metal, semiconductor, polymer film and powder particles and operation, in the wet sensitive components in the process of moisture absorption and moisture, water molecules out of H + ion conduction state changes, so that the parts of resistance change with humidity. Resistive humidity sensor shall be suitable for humidity control field, the representative products with lithium chloride humidity sensor stability, temperature resistance and long service life, a number of important advantages, lithium chloride humidity sensitive sensor has more than 50 years of production and research of history, has a wide variety of product types and operation methods, application of the lithium chloride liquid moisture has various advantages especially * strong stability, lithium chloride humidity sensitive parts belong to the electrolyte moisture materials, among numerous moisture materials, first of all, by the people pay attention to and applied to the manufacture wet sensitive components, liquid lithium chloride electrolyte moisture on the basis of equivalent conductivity increased with the increase of solution concentration decreased. Electrolytes dissolved in water to reduce the water vapor pressure principle of moisture. Lithium chloride moisture of the substrate structure to choose the sensor substrate, operating in over a pair of metal electrodes, coated with a layer of electrolyte solution are wet film, lithium chloride is typical of ionic crystals, belong to the type of affinity electrolyte, lithium chloride solution, Li + to the attraction of the polar water molecules is extremely strong, ion * have a high level of moisture. Lithium chloride are wet film by lithium chloride and pva mixed operation, wet moisture sensitive components range is relatively narrow, general lithium chloride components of the measuring range is controlled in 20% RH, in a wider scope of humidity measurement, often adopt the method of multiple combination, in the different wet zone of the same line have the same feeling between wet area, multi-plate combination thread resistance connection, complete combination of humidity measuring components. Monolithic lithium chloride humidity sensitive parts of the moisture resistance of the characteristic, and environmental relative humidity ( RH) And the environment temperature ( t) Between, present exponential function relationship, the formula can be represented as R = Roexp alpha ( Φ- Φ0) - - - - - - Rtexpβ( 第t - t0) Ro as the starting resistance, alpha for constant humidity, Rt as the starting resistance, beta for constant temperature. Lithium chloride humidity sensitive components of the substrate structure points columnar and dressing, and lithium chloride pva coating as the main ingredients of moisture liquid and operating gold electrodes is lithium chloride humidity sensitive components are composed of three parts. Product operation for many years continuously improve, continuously improve product performance and lithium chloride moisture sensor, its unique long-term stability is other moisture materials can not be replaced, and humidity sensor * important performance. In the process of products operation, after feeling wet mixture preparation and process of strict control is the key to keep and exert the feature. Dear customer: our company has a temperature transmitter, pt100, pt100 temperature sensor products, you can call our company service special line over the web for more detailed product information, perfect service is our endless pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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