Basic information filtering electrolytic capacitor - Capacitance knowledge

by:Thermistor-Mov     2020-06-20
Basic information filtering electrolytic capacitor filtering electrolytic capacitor is mainly introduced in this paper, this article about 1380 words, read the full article 14 minutes. A, how to detect the stand or fall of non-polar capacitors non-polarity electrolytic capacitor capacity are usually smaller, mainly detect non-polar capacitors between moving and fixed pills have short circuit conditions. (1) slow rotation axis with the hand, should feel very smooth, there should be no loose when close even card lag phenomenon. The axis of forward, backward, up, down, left and right direction when driving, shaft should not be shaken. (2) shaft and poor contact between non-polar capacitors, cannot continue to use. (3) put the multimeter R× 10 k block, it is a hand to connect two pens and respectively variable capacitance dynamic piece and piece of terminal, another hand will slow axis are rolled back, multimeter pointer should be at infinity. Sometimes if the pointer points to zero, then non-polar capacitors between the moving and fixed pills short-circuit point; If the spin to a point of view, the multimeter reading not infinity but limited value, then non-polar capacitors between the moving and fixed pills leakage phenomenon. Second, the electrolytic capacitor is easily affected by stimulating odour SMD electrolytic capacitors have short feet needle, although the material of aluminum, but in the larger environment humidity, the oxidation of aluminium foot will be slowly. At work, current that aluminum oxide by aluminum foot, can produce bigger than the impedance. So the performance of the SMD electrolytic capacitors will change, will affect the work of SMD electrolytic capacitors. SMD electrolytic capacitors easily affected by stimulating odour, one in that environment, the surface of the tiles capacitors will corrode. Failure rate factor of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for the occasion of power supply filter circuit, the input voltage or load change suddenly. At the ends of the filter capacitor voltage will change, if not for derating design, filter electrolytic capacitor, probably through the capacitor. In addition, from the input ac voltage is not the end came in the sine wave voltage, general non sine wave peak voltage is higher than the sine wave voltage, can be larger influence on the life and reliability of the capacitor. Three, long life electrolytic capacitors in the role of 1, filter circuit, the power supply circuit, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor factory, will exchange into pulsating dc rectifier circuit, and after rectifying circuit connected to a larger capacity of the electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor theory, using the charge and discharge characteristics, make rectification after pulsating dc voltage into a relatively stable dc voltage. Due to the large capacity of general has certain inductance electrolytic capacitor, the high frequency and pulse interference signal cannot be effectively filter out, so on both ends of the parallel has a capacity of 0. 001 - - - - - - - 0. Rhyme in the low frequency component is to prevent the loss is too big, generally adopt large capacity electrolytic capacitor. Four, long life electrolytic capacitors the judgment method of electrolytic capacitor common fault, capacity reduction, electrolytic capacitors, capacitance disappear, breakdown electric leakage, short circuit and the capacity change is due to the electrolytic capacitor is in use or place its internal electrolyte in the process of drying up, and the breakdown and voltage too high or leakage is usually caused by poor quality in itself. The specific method is: will be two pin short circuit capacitor discharge, use multimeter black pens and answer the electrolytic capacitor anode. Red pens and connect the cathode ( The pointer multimeter, pens and intermodulation when using a digital multimeter measurement) , whose hands should be normal to the direction of the resistance is small, then gradually return to infinity. The Article/LBDJDRJBQK. HTML this paper label: electrolytic capacitor filter electrolytic capacitor filter capacitance an article on the basic situation: PTC thermistor used tissue structure and function principle: next article piezoresistor is different from ordinary resistor
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